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 San Mateo Locksmith Store San Mateo, CA 650-713-3106Have you ever found yourself battling a messy situation that you just couldn’t get out of without help? Perhaps, your locks gave away and your home is now left unguarded or your car key chose the worst moment to disappear and locked you out in unfamiliar terrain. Emergencies like these demand immediate attention from a locksmith, however, most people tend to push off making a call to the locksmith, until they’re sure there’s no way out. The reason? The absurdly high prices most locksmiths quote. What might cost a nominal price during standard hours, might cost you several times over in an emergency. But not every time – and not with every locksmith!

So, if you find yourself wishing that you had a ‘cheap locksmith near me’ , you’ve found the answer – and that’s San Mateo Locksmith Store!

Why are emergency services expensive?

Several agencies try to take undue advantage of distressful circumstances and fleece customers. They know that out of sheer desperation, you might be willing to pay just about any price that’s quoted. True, that to provide 24 hour emergency services, a locksmithing firm might have to invest in setting up the adequate infrastructure and hire special teams to work 24/7. But that doesn’t justify the ridiculously high prices charged by a few firms.

Some may call the high prices an accruement for all the heavy investments and the extra effort involved, while we believe that it’s all about getting priorities straight. Monetary gains are prioritized over customer satisfaction, when it should actually be the other way around.

The affordable choice during emergencies:

Most people find themselves Googling for a ‘cheap locksmith near me’ when they’re desperately in need of help and low on cash. Chances are, you’ll probably find an amateur who’s got no idea what he’s doing or you’ll land up at a heavily advertised firm that claims to provide professional and ‘cheap’ services but are nowhere near to living up to that claim. If you live in San Mateo, CA area, you don’t have to seek elsewhere for answers, when you’ve got San Mateo Locksmith Store. Trusted by the community for years, our low and affordable prices have managed to win us a huge customer base.

Looking for a cheap locksmith near you? Choose us because:

  • We offer standard rates, round-the-clock
  • Our emergency services do not come at a premium
  • Get flat, upfront rates before hiring
  • Cheap in price, but not in quality of workmanship
  • Mobile solutions offered for onsite assistance

‘I wish I had a cheap locksmith near me in San Mateo, CA area” That wish just came true! Call 650-713-3106 for assistance!